Xero Shoes Barefoot-inspired Sport Sandals - Men's Z-Trail

Xero Shoes Barefoot-inspired Sport Sandals – Men’s Z-Trail


  • NEW for 2017
  • Elastic sole
  • Up to 76% lighter and more slender than other game shoes, yet with all the security and solace you need and need. Xero Shoes accompany our 5,000-mile guarantee.
  • Idealize in the event that you climb, walk, run, run, work out, Crossfit, yoga, pontoon, stand up paddle load up, kayak, kayak, fly fish, even run ultra-marathons.
  • At just 10mm thick, it’s extraordinary for travel. Sufficiently adaptable to move up and fit in your pack or pocket. Sufficiently solid for wherever the Z-Trail takes you.
  • Zero-drop non-raised foot rear area for normal stance. Non-checking sole. Water safe. Quick drying. Awesome grasp and footing. Z-style webbing holds safely, yet slides on and off in seconds.
  • NOTE: For the most obvious opportunity with regards to a right fit, please measure your foot: 1) Place a bit of paper on the floor, against a divider; 2) Step on the paper, your rear area against the divider; 3) Mark the paper in accordance with your longest toe; 4) Measure that length with a ruler; 5) Compare that length to the estimating outline (connect, above). To REALLY guarantee a right fit, get printable formats of the correct sizes by reaching the Seller.

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“A definitive blend of insurance, light weight, comfort, characteristic adaptability, flexibility, and solidness.”

From Xero Shoes – seen on ABC’s Shark Tank.

The NEW Z-Trail gives you the insurance you anticipate from other game shoes, however at up to 76% less weight and mass. A solitary Men’s 9 is just 5.4 ounces, and only 10mm thick. It’ll move up to fit in your pack or pocket. The Z-Trail even boys!

Agreeable on a trail climb, in a watercraft, or going for a walk downtown. Wear them throughout the day, or simply keep them convenient for a stream crossing or to slip on when your feet need to recoup, inhale, and move after you pull off your running shoes, bicycle spikes, or climbing boots.

Very nearly 100,000 individuals in 94 nations utilize Xero Shoes as shoreline shoes, camp shoes, shoeless running shoes, Crossfit and weightlifting shoes, and for ordinary utilize.

The Z-Trail has a restrictive 3-Layer FeelLite underside which gives you a chance to appreciate common, shoeless style development, however with the security and solace you like. Incredible grasp with our FeelTrue elastic footing cushions, constraint scattering with the TrailFoam centre layer, and astounding solace with the best BareFoam layer.

A “zero-drop” non-lifted foot rear area implies your body holds it’s common stance wherever your Z-Trails take you.

Tubular webbing implies no edges on your skin. Restrictive equipment implies simple in-and-out, yet the Z-Trail remains on your foot safely. No latex. Veggie Lover.

Ensured execution – Xero Shoes have a 5,000-mile guarantee. See the Seller’s site for full points of interest.

GET THE RIGHT SIZE: To get the right fit, take after the directions above. Or, on the other hand, contact the Seller for formats demonstrating the correct shapes/sizes.

Extra sizes/hues accessible at the organization’s site.

Add To Cart Now! what’s more, Feel the Freedom, Feel the Fun, and Feel the World in your new Xero Shoes.


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